Get Cloud To Local Backup Solution For Gmail

Because Gmail Goes Down Anytime!

Google Email Backup

Get Cloud to Local Backup Solution for Gmail because Gmail neither guarantees to protect their users nor give option to recover from risk and consequences of a data disaster.

Gmail Backup software offers the beneficiary options to download the Gmail emails and other items to local system hard disk. Gmail emails can be downloaded to PST, EML or MBOX, calendar to ICS and contacts to VCF. Gmail Drive stored documents can be downloaded to keep the backup into the recent revised format without any data loss or trouble.

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Read instruction before taking backup...
  1. IMAP must be enabled on Google Account. Read More
  2. User Account should not have 2-Steps Verification. Read More
  3. Allow Less Secure Apps. Read More

Do you ever experienced loss of time or crucial business due to the server downtime faced by your email client?

If you are user for any cloud based email client like Gmail then your answer will be a definite Yes. Recent reports from the industry also states that there are chances for prolonged Gmail outage in the coming days also. Below given chart represent the status history of Gmail server in a particular day.

The blue lines in the chart display the multiple time point where the Gmail server stayed down. This downtime can cause trouble to lot of people and institutions around the globe whose communication channel completely depend upon the availability of Gmail account.

Some of the Common Issues That Are Reported With Gmail Other Than Gmail Blackout!

Some of the known issues reported with the Gmail accounts that are reported to trouble the users are quoted below. To escape all the consequence of these issues the best adoptable method is to get Cloud to Local Backup Solution For Gmail account.

Logging in Troubles

It includes the troubles when user is logged in, it shows the Gmail landing page appears half cut off, which cause trouble in browsing data. Sometimes inbox will not be loaded and directed towards to basic HTML views and also connected applications may cause slowness and errors or loading problem with IE8.

POP, IMAP, and Sync Errors

0 bytes will be the message size shown to confuse the user, IMAP client reported to stop synchronization of mail from server. One of the most furious issues reported is that when tried to connect Gmail to access emails, calendar or contacts in Win OS 8 or Win RT there connection errors shown.

Issues with Contacts

Some contact name and text will be displayed as undefined in the contact list, circle information will be inaccurate, misplace of the phone number added with last digits lost etc.

Error While Reading Emails

Issues like Oops 103 error, behavioral change for set filters, Oops 503 error, 717 errors, imap client stopped syncing from the server etc which deny and delay user from accessing the Gmail data.

One Solution to Avoid Any Trouble with Gmail Account Cloud To Local Backup Solution For Gmail

With regard to the Gmail downtime, troubles in loading the account and many other issues that can deny user from accessing their crucial Gmail stored data when needed the one suggested remedy is to get the Gmail Backup Software. Multiple qualities within the software make it a rich blend of solution to download Gmail items to the safest location as user desire. User friendly attributes of the software are:

Save Google Calendar as ICS

Calendar entry will be saved as ICS. ICS format gives user the opportunity to share business meeting schedule and updates of upcoming events over internet.

Backup Google Emails

Emails from Google mail can be downloaded to PST (Outlook), EML (Outlook Express) or MBOX (Thunderbird) format to access them with most of the desktop based email clients.

Save Google Contacts as VCF

Contacts with the entire details kept intact can be converted to VCF format, which gives universal accessibility of downloaded contacts from Gmail.

Backup Google Documents

Google documents can be saved into the revised format with recent effects retained giving opportunity to save updated data.