How to Convert Gmail Contacts to VCF (vCard) Format

Publish Date: January 15, 2014 By: Posted in: Backup, Gmail

Google Email Backup

Now exporting of Gmail contacts to VCF is very easy and can be done within no time by using our advance Gmail Backup tool. No doubt vCard has become the most popular way of sending and receiving the contact related information. And most of us keep our backup of contact data in Gmail application. From Gmail, one cannot directly send and receive the vCard.

Therefore it is necessary to take the help of third party tool. Our Gmail Backup is the perfect utility for you if you need to take any such action.

In addition to that, the same software can help you in various other ways. So, now get a full view of software and just developed an understanding that why this tool could be of so much use to you.

Read instruction before taking backup...
  1. IMAP must be enabled on Google Account. Read More
  2. User Account should not have 2-Steps Verification. Read More
  3. Allow Less Secure Apps. Read More

Safe Backup Creation Mode:

Everyone is aware that Gmail is a third party service provider and all our data saved in Gmail account is stored in Google Server and without having access to internet these data cannot be accessed. Therefore, it is wise idea to always keep a backup of your important Gmail data in your machine. The software will help you in taking the backup of your entire Gmail account data in your machine.

Gmail Contacts to VCF:

The contacts data saved in Gmail cannot be directly converted in to VCF format, so that you would be able to use it in vCard format. This software will allow you to download the contact data saved in Gmail account to your local machine and that to in VCF file format.

Selective Data Migration:

If you are need of exporting only important Gmail contacts to VCF format. Or email and other data from Gmail to respective format then there are multiple checks and uncheck options available in tool that allows you to do so.